Your people.
Important to you,
important to us.


How it works



Our team meets with each of our clients and provides thorough follow‐up to ensure we understand your company and employees pain points when it comes to benefits packaging.


With our bespoke approach we partner with HR Managers and Business Owners to offer prospective and current employees value that keeps them happy, productive and part of your company’s team.


We do the tasks that decision makers shouldn’t have to so that you can get back to work.


Hudson Benefits Consulting provides innovative and flexible Human Resources solutions. Our bespoke approach provides each customer with a tailored path forward.


Who we help

Business Owners

Business owners need a trusted partner. We offer products that are innovative and flexible for business owners whose time is best spent scaling their businesses and profit margins.

HR Managers

We believe your employees come first. Happy employees whose minds are at ease about their benefits are more productive and have longevity with your company.


You are the main lifeline of your company. Providing you with a robust yet easy to comprehend benefits package, you have the ease to focus on doing meaningful work.


Hudson Benefits Consulting offers benefits consulting that puts emphasis on businesses' most beneficial asset, the employees. At Hudson Benefits Consulting, we put people first.


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